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Dunno why but this post puts me in mind of Lewis Mumford's statement "Forget the damned motor car and build the cities for lovers and friends."

I am interested in how we would change the physical design of space/s to maximise the conditions for learning. If learning is social should we be thinking about spaces for lovers and friends?

Jeff lackney

For lovers and friends - why not. Yes, learning IS social isn't it. Not only that, all learning takes place somewhere. Placemaking is itself a social construction. Ninety-nine percent of all school designs (I don't know maybe its 96%) miss the placemaking opportunity altogether.

Case in point: One of my favorite examples for schools is the creation of third places - our universal favorite - THE CAFE. If we don't build them, the kids do. At West HS in Madison, the kids would leave the school whenever they were allowed and hang out at a local cafe around the corner. As long as they purchased food the owner allowed her place to be overrun by high schoolers. Never had a problem. Kids studied there, met there, I've sure loved there. Friends and Lovers all. During one of my workshops, I suggested we recreate this cafe in the school, and create a school run cafe...the adults nixed it...surprised?

I'll keep trying...

Thanks Friend!

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